Climb Your Perspective


We are building a rocket, and other things

As a Youth Association, North Space gathers Portuguese students with a passion for Space Exploration to carry out challenging practical and research projects, and inspire a generation of  capable scientists, and engineers.

What we value


As this is what has driven humanity to explore Space in the first place.

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As we believe Space is the perfect place to have some.

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Because we also value Perspective. SPACE IS FOR ALL!

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We envision a world where everyday middle-class individuals have the opportunity to venture into space, witness Earth from above, and gain a deeper, more profound perspective on the meaning of their own lives and the lives of others

North Space is participating in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) in October 2023, with it’s first rocket: SPATI-I. With the goal of reaching a 3km apogee, SPATI-I is currently our flagship project, and it will open the doors to future endeavours.
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Our Partnerships

We count on the best companies to help us dream to the stars